Grijalva - Jasmine - Naperville, IL

Born 11-16-2006, Jasmine came in to our lives in June of 2008. Little did we realize that our lives would never be the same.

She was so frightened and unsure of everything. She had issues with doors, stairs and people in general. The first few weeks she was at our home she would only rest in a dark room all by herself. We could only imagine what she had been through and it brought us such deep sadness that a fellow human created the issues she possessed.

There were times when we thought maybe we were not the right family to help her and we gladly took any advice we could get. The wisdom we received resulted in a slow but steady improvement in our precious little girl. We began to see our under nourished and frightened little girl start to come out of her shell. She took baby steps and there were times when we had to reassure her that we would never give up on her.

One of the best memories came after 6 months of her being with us. It was such a simple event but a clear milestone…Jasmine barked for the first time. We felt her saying to us, “I am Jasmine and I will not be afraid anymore”.

Looking at her now we have a hard time remembering what she was like. We see a confident girl that has taken the other fosters we have brought into our home and shown them the ropes. She is eager to meet people and other dogs. She runs to us for a good butt scratch and always wants to be the center of attention. While she still has never played with a toy she sure knows dog treats and loves them all.

At times we see a little of the old Jasmine surface. We are sure a noise or something reminders her of her past. While these little episodes bring sadness to our hearts she rebounds quickly and shows us what a happy girl she is. Every time we meet people and they ask about Jasmine it gives us a chance to tell them her story. We make sure to educate them about puppy mills and about the great things that BARC does for these lonely and frightened souls.

We follow a saying very closely in our house, “We saved a dog and it didn’t change the world. But the world surely changed for that one dog”. Our world has surely changed since we met Jasmine. It is more fulfilling, more joyful and more complete.

We are forever grateful for all the new people and new friends that have come into our lives because of our precious Jasmine and the wonderful people at BARC.

Manny and Patti Grijalva (foster failures)
Naperville, IL
Boomer and BARC’s Jasmine - Berner-Garde # 59334