Hannon - Rosie - Jersey City, NJ

Genevieve Hannon, Jersey City, NJ
Rosie: 19411

In the summer of 2008, BARC rescued a group of BMDs from a Amish backyard breeder at an auction in Oklahoma, where the breeder and his family agreed to give BARC the dogs and apparently cried when they said goodbye to them - a sign hopefully that the dogs were loved.

That summer, I had applied to adopt a dog from BARC and they’d chosen for me one of these dogs, fostered that summer in Texas. She was a 7.5 year old registered as Amanda’s Magic and called Maggie, but since I already had a cat named Maggie, I registered her as my Yellow Rosie of Texas v BARC and named her Rosie.

That September, I flew Rosie to her forever home in New Jersey. When she arrived, it was apparent to me that she was probably never abused or neglected, however definitely underexposed to many things in life outside an Amish farm.

She came to me with several fears - of sudden movements, sudden or loud sounds, all typical modern household sounds like dishwashers and cabinet doors, narrow spaces, many outdoor urban and suburban noises like cars, people approaching her on the street, men, stainless steel bowls.

After just a couple months of hand feeding her, training her, socializing her in her new surroundings, and loving her to bits, through exposure and praise she slowly became relaxed and no longer afraid and is now trusting, confident and outgoing. The only thing left is that she’s camera shy!

Rosie is very sweet, gentle, affectionate, pretty, smart, goofy and playful. She loves to give you a nudge with her nose, usually on your butt. She is always wagging her tail and is full of beans. The living room couch is her favorite dog bed, where she often lies upside down with her belly in the air, her back legs making a heart shape. She sleeps in bed with me every night and follows me up and down the stairs like my shadow.

Rosie has a best dog friend and sibling Scuba, a Terrier mix I rescued in Mexico, 4 great kitty siblings and 3 awesome bunny siblings. She and Scuba love to romp around together in the yard, and she and the cats love to groom one another and cuddle.

She used to lick her chops when it came to the bunnies, but now she is great with them, recognizing them as pets, not prey.

Rosie is in remission from a mammary tumor that I caught early and my vet, with me assisting the surgery, removed with clean margins and no metastasis.

She also had a full dental cleaning with one tooth extraction, is as healthy as can be and is turning 9 years old May 2010.

Rosie is a really great dog and the best canine daughter I could have ever imagined. I am forever grateful to BARC for placing us into each other’s lives.