2009 - Portland, OR

Welcome to Rescue Gallery 2009



Rescue Dogs have been showcased in the Rescue Gallery since 2006.  Click on “General Information” for more details.  Two dogs – Becca Deering and Tapper Dowler-Roos – have been in all four Rescue Galleries.


This year, 27 families tell the story of 39 dogs.  Click on the individual dog names in the column to the right to see their stories and pictures.


At the Portland specialty, the owners can be identified by pins showing a Berner holding a star with their dog’s name.  The dogs will have yellow bandanas.


A printed booklet containing all these stories is available at 2090 Ways & Means or after the specialty by contacting Nell Ward.  SOLD OUT.


Please welcome these families and their dogs.


Nell and John Ward

New Bern, NC

(cell) 252-671-6687