Jacobson - Inga - Crystal Falls, MI

Inga’s Story:

Inga is another rehome I took in. AKA known as “Kline’s Ingrid’s Delight” (BG#44698)   She was loved in her former place as both a dog and a member of the breeding crew. She had a few litters of beautiful, healthy, puppies, but found herself a victim of “right-sizing” when there was an “organizational change.”  She came to us hale, healthy, and a little shy.

She had pretty much always lived outdoors, but took to the house (and my bed) like she had been here all her life. I love all of my girls, and all are “my” dogs, but Inga seems to have formed the strongest attachment to me. She will literally climb those vertically barred baby gates to get to me…it’s quite a picture. These are the gates that have latches and open on a hinge like a door.

Picture a Bernese with a small stature; hips lower than shoulders (though rated Good); head a little oversized and big soulful eyes. The gate is properly installed in the door jamb.  She puts her front paws on top of the 34” gate, on the side with the larger portion of wall. Next, the shoulders wiggle up a little as the hind feet go on tippie toe.  Her head now becomes used for leverage – she puts her head, muzzle to behind the ear on the wall of the side she’s trying to get to.  Uses that leverage to pull her shoulders and rib cage over the top of the baby gate, teeters, then leans forward and completes the activity.  I give her a “10” for determination, skill and ingenuity!!!

Inga has settled in well; she is still working on overcoming her shyness with strangers. I think because of her age (6), it is a little more difficult for her than it was for Galadriel. As I type her story, she is dreaming about chasing something, while sleeping at the end of my bed. She is the only one of the Bernese who can seem to tolerate the bed holding in her body heat to sleep up here with me.

May she be a shining example of longevity – and begin to enjoy all people. Not just me!

Lori Jacobson
Crystal Falls, MI