Jaimovich - Bruiser - Northbrook, IL


Greenacre’s Bruiser the Brave (“Bruiser”)

Bernergarde #69757

Karen and David Jaimovich, Northbrook, IL

   This story is about Bruiser, who defines the term “rescue dog” in more ways than one.

   Last summer I got a call from our club rescue chair telling me she had two 18-month-old Berner brothers in need of a foster home.  Originally purchased from a local pet shop, they were living with a family outside in their yard, never being allowed inside the home, even through the brutal winters.  They were not trained or housebroken, had never been taken for a walk, were long overdue for vetting, and still intact.  In addition, their sunburned coats were filthy and matted, and their teeth a bright shade of green! 

Even though I was leaving town the next day to move my daughter to California, I couldn’t say “no” to opening my home to one of these guys, especially when I heard that one was named “Bruiser”, (the name of my childhood dog)…AND he was born on my birthday!   He was a sweetheart and in desperate need of constant petting and touching, so we instantly fell in love, (in spite of the fact that he couldn’t distinguish our legs from a tree!).  

     All was going incredibly well until the day he was neutered.  When we picked him up from the hospital late in the afternoon, he appeared weak and unsteady – something the techs attributed to the anesthesia.  But by the time we made the one-hour drive home, I realized something was terribly wrong, and rushed him to the closest emergency room.  He was in hemorrhagic shock, bleeding out from the surgery.  We had to make the decision there and then to go to extreme measures to save him, or to let him go.  He was otherwise healthy, sweet and loving – we knew we had to try.  So they performed CPR, gave him 3 transfusions, and opened his abdomen from end to end to stop the bleeding.  He was in ICU for several days, and in the hospital for almost a week, but once he was back home, his progress was amazing. 

   With each day, he’s grown stronger and more beautiful.  He is now a robust 110 pounds, with a thick, flowing coat and constantly wagging tail.  He’s earned his CGC, and has started draft work with his new shiny red wagon!  In addition, he’s giving back to the hospital that saved him – he is an active member of their canine blood donor program.  He is front-and-center of any activity at our house, butting out his “brothers” Benny (a fellow Berner), and Simba (a Pomeranian), with his tongue lolling and tail wagging.

     We are forever grateful for the day that Bruiser came into our lives!