Kennedy - Graci - Denver, CO

Princess Graci Kennedy

Hello, my name is Ashflat Princess Graci.  My friends call me “Graci.”   On June 28, 2008, I was rescued by BARC.  I was living in Oklahoma, in a puppy mill. I was rescued with twelve other Berners. I was fostered in Chicago and now live in my forever home in Denver.

 I have a Berner brother named Murrey, a cattle dog sister Mikah and a very lazy calico cat named Callie. By the way, Murrey’s birth date and my birth date are exactly one week to the day apart so we celebrate by having one big birthday party!

I love to walk and go on adventures with Murrey.  We take long beautiful hikes in the mountains and go to various parks and lakes. My brother is a swimmer; I am not big on water.  I do love the snow and making berner snow angels. Best of all, our grandmother “granny” stays home with us kids all day and does whatever we ask her to do!

 I continue to have a passion for learning. I have graduated from a variety of training classes. I am very pleased with my progress, however, mommy still needs some work! I received my Canine Good Citizenship Award. Please note I had mine fours month ahead of Murrey!  This year I will be competing at the Specialty. I will be in Rally and Draft! I really love to be in the show ring!

 I continue to be treated like a Princess.  Well, now I demand it.  I have stayed in five star resort hotels twice this year. I like being treated like a celebrity.  I still prefer private lessons over the group thing, yet, I attend both so I can maintain balance in my new privileged life.

My dad and I have grown much closer. I like it best when he cuddles with me and rubs my belly in bed. He is really good to all of us furry kids. 

I am so grateful to all the people who shared in my rescue and who have helped me transition into the wonderful loving world I live in now.

With Love and Gratitude,

Princess Graci Kennedy

Berner Garde 32111

Lori Kennedy

Denver, CO