Maxim - Fritz - Calgary, Alberta

My name is Fritz and I was born in a Missouri puppy mill and was kept in a small wire crate until I was rescued at 4 months.  I wasn’t allowed to see daylight, to play on the ground or even visit with other puppies, I had to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom in this same cage day after day.  When the rescue people came I was so happy to see them that I barked and barked at them. 

I spent my first week in a foster home where they cleaned me up and made me look nice for my new mommy.  I then went on a big plane to live with my new mommy, this was a bit scary mainly cause I had to go back in a crate and I didn’t understand what I did so bad to have to go back in one of those things but soon I was with a family I can call my own.  I now have a mommy, a berner brother, two berner sisters and three shiba sisters and a kitten sister.  My toes were spread from standing on the wire all my life and I had no energy.   I was unsure of the big outside world and had a hard time getting used to running free – I just wanted to stay beside my mommy where I felt safe.   It took me a long, long time before I would run with all the others and leave my mommy behind but now I can run just as fast as them and I really enjoy playing hide and seek in the woods and tall grass.  Some days I am having so much fun playing with all my new friends that I don’t want to leave the park and go home.

Mommy taught me how to cuddle (no one had ever held and cuddled me like that before) it sure is nice to have someone to snuggle.  I have been able to go to birthday parties for two of my sisters and one day mommy says I can have a party of my own and invite my own friends.   I want a party at the park where we can run and swim and chase each other and have special treats. 

I am a good boy and behave myself when mommy goes to work but I get so excited when she comes home that I just have to jump on her and give her hugs and tell her how much I missed her.  At night I like to snuggle next to mommy’s chair or bed and chew on a nice bone.   I watch over mommy all night long and make sure that she is ok and sometimes in the morning I even crawl into bed with her and get snuggled in between my brother and sisters.  

I am studying really hard to learn my obedience and rally classes and mommy is teaching me all about manners too.  I passed my CGN test and got one leg towards my rally title. 

Barc’s Happy to be Free Fritz CGN

Berner guard # 66966

Adeline Maxim

Calgary, Alberta