Minor - Chief - Chillicothe, IL

Chief Minor

Chief Grayhawk Jr, AKC (4 yrs. old)

B-G #57100

Chief came into our lives when I agreed to foster a rescue for BARC, Inc. 

I will never forget the day that I went with a group of people to pick up several Berners that had been rescued from an Oklahoma puppy mill.  Chief was the last dog to be assigned and I was the last person to get a dog.  Good things come to he who waits. 

He came to us with such a gentle and loving nature it was soon apparent that he would be adopted very soon - - by ME! 

For his first year he would hide when people came to the house, or he heard a loud noise.  Imagine a 118 pound dog in hiding with his head and tail sticking out from behind the recliner. You couldn’t help but smile at his “Clifford” like antics. 

Ultimately we gained his trust and he is now a beautiful and handsome boy who freely gives his love to all who come into his life.

Roxanne Minor

Chillicothe, IL