Murphy - Lilli - Oconomowoc, WI

Lilli’s story

It was the first time I had ever looked at the BARC website. It said “desperately seeking  home for Lilli”. The pictures labeled “Lilli happy” and “Lilli sad” looked the same.  Instantly, we knew—Lilli needed us and we, after the recent passing of our 11 year old Bernese, needed Lilli.

We drove to Toledo and met Kristin, Lilli’s foster mom at the Arby’s and returned home with the little Berner. 

Lilli lived in our bathroom for 6 months, only eating when I left food and walked away. 

Ten months later, I thought I saw a wiggle—a happy dance, a tail wag, and then nothing.  When we took Lilli outside she shivered like a leaf. 

Lilli had been in a puppy mill for a year and a half and on the auction block to enter another as a breeding dog. She was raised in a crate and never saw the light of day. She flinched when we tried to pet her, walk her, or feed her.

Lilli has been with us for five years.  She slowly began to love the park, her two sisters, back scratches, ear rubs, good meals.  She is a testimony to recovery, second chances, unconditional love and appreciating every day. When she wags her tail like a helicopter and runs for joy, we can’t imagine any greater happiness in our own hearts.   Lilli has taught us the meaning of freedom and we thank BARC for letting us adopt her. 


Lilli lives with Heather and Mike Murphy and her two sisters Fiona and Maeve

Oconomowoc, WI, 53066

Bernergarde #27711