Murphy - Maeve - Oconomowoc, WI

Maeve’s story

It was spring of 2008 and there was a desperate need for foster families for BARC.  Because my brother was getting married in Iowa, I calculated that if we drove “one more inch on the map”, we could pick up a foster dog.  When we arrived in the Farm Bureau parking lot, there were three dogs.  We took one with gray behind her ears and began to drive home. 

First a stop at Subway for food as she was clearly starving.  As we drove toward Wisconsin, and she ate a chicken sandwich, we began to think of a name for her.  I began to suspect we would fail as foster parents and keep her forever.  Our mother suggested “Maeve”, Celtic for joy—and joyful she became.

Maeve was to be starved, along with her sisters, after her “breeding” days were over.  Luckily, BARC found them. 

After arriving at our home, she gradually began to show us her personality. She craved affection (and food)! 

After she was spayed, the constant bleeding stopped and the vet knew immediately that she had a chronic uterine infection from overbreeding.  She immediately was housetrained after. 

She began to ask for hugs, constant petting, and treats.  We asked to become her forever home and thankfully BARC agreed. 

We don’t know Maeve’s age and that has taught us to appreciate everyday; never to take this moment for granted.  Every time Maeve hugs us, we understand the ability to have a new beginning.  When people say “we can’t take a chance on a rescue dog”—they should meet Maeve. As our second BARC dog, we are so fortunate that we keep taking chances.

Maeve lives with Heather and Mike Murphy and her two sisters Fiona and Lili

Oconomowoc, WI 53066

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