Otis - Chai - Beaverton, OR


Berner-Garde No.: 70637

We had heard through the club of a Berner that had been turned in to a vet in the Tigard Oregon area. Our first thoughts were how sad it was that no one came looking for him and we questioned how someone could loose a Berner and not be devastated. Several weeks went by and we didn’t hear much more on his situation until our club rescue sent out a message asking for help in placing him in a forever home.

That started us thinking about how he might fit into our lives and we decided that we needed to meet him.  Because of his age and reported health issues I was expecting a totally different dog than the one who bounced up to the front door of his foster home to say hello. I had it in my head that he was old and frail, was I ever wrong!  He was energetic, happy and excited to have company. It wasn’t until we went outside that I even noticed his wobbly gait and particular way of moving. He was a little shy at first but within a few minutes he leaned up against me and I fell in love.

On Christmas Eve, 2009, Chai came to his forever home and became the 4th Berner that we would share out lives with.

Chai has some neurological issues that make it difficult for him to control his legs, mostly affected are his hind quarters. He appears to have advanced dysplasia in his front elbows and experiences tremors in all of his legs. Because of his age (estimated at about 8 years) we knew that we would not put him through any invasive treatments and have found that prednisone (given every other day) enables him to go for short walks, play with his soft toys and enjoy the basic comforts every dog should have. He also has skin problems that are probably the result from his time spent on the streets foraging for food.  Thankfully, he’s responding well to diet and supplements.

Chai also has some of the most endearing personality traits we have ever known!  He will “hook” you with his front paw as you walk by to trip you into stopping and giving him a belly rub. He has chosen our bedroom closet as his hidey-hole and sleeps underneath the hanging clothes.  In the morning he comes barreling out of the closet like a pony, looking for his breakfast and ready to start the day. He has an old man’s voice and warbles when he gets excited and wants attention. And now, he’s started tromping to the toy box when we get home to grab a soft toy to show us, perhaps something that he in did in a previous lifetime.  Even though we know he may only be with us for a short time, our lives are full of the love he has brought to our home and we feel blessed to have been a part of his amazing journey.  

Cheryl Otis

Beaverton, OR