Dante - Carolyn & Don Paige - Bahama, NC

Dante’s Progress

This has been a big year for me! I started off with the trip to Louisville to meet with all the wonderful Berners and their families. My Mom thought I needed socialization and where better to do that than at the National Specialty?! I was reunited with Gina who now lives in Nebraska and our son, Cooper, from Pittsburg. I also saw my foster Moms, Liz and Courtney, too. The best part for me was to have our “family” pictures taken. This is my picture and I don’t look too scared, do I?

I have continued to learn about how wonderful life is outside the puppy mill. My Mom is my best buddy and she took me to some training lessons and I tried so hard for her. I will come down from my safe place on the stairs to be with my family and I’ve discovered my helicopter tail. I will now take treats from my Dad and I don’t leave the room when he comes in.

I go for walks down the street with my family now much better than I did last year. I am much more comfortable outside now but I still have to work on my confidence coming in from outside through the back door, though. I love my rides in the van and my favorite treats are cheese, chicken, and hot dogs. I won’t come for treats just yet, though, because I still remember the bad things that happened to me.

My big brother Hogan has been a big help. He shows me the way and is very patient with me. But I’m very excited about my new Berner brother, Bernie, who joined our family in January. The first night when we got home and went to play off leash in the back yard, I was so excited I barked for the first time!! I haven’t used those pipes in a long time and it was fun. We ran and ran and played and played. This made my Mom and Dad very happy.

Life is good for me now. I have a great family, a big fenced pasture to play in, a big brother and a little brother and lots of playtime and good treats. And of course lots of ear rubs and hugs. Oh, and Mom still loves me the best.

I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!

Thank You BARC for helping me find this new and wonderful life!

Carolyn & Don Paige
Bahama, NC

Berner-Garde #21459
DNA #V320803