Paige - Hendrix - Durham, NC

Blue Ridge Rescue Hendrix

Born 12/26/2004 – Rescued and adopted 9/14/2008 – Died 11/16/2009

Berner Garde #63409

Hendrix was surrendered in 2008 because he was a biter and although we didn’t have any incidents with him, he did not pass the temperament test and could not be adopted. So he joined our family.

He was having neurological problems so I stayed home from the Specialty last year thinking Hendrix needed me at home.

He was diagnosed with Wobbler’s Syndrome and we began a list of medications to control his pain. Surgery was not recommended because of the location.

We quickly built a ramp so he could go in and out without maneuvering stairs and we bough cheap mats to cover the hardwood floors.

We are fortunate to work out of the house so we were able monitor him closely. He missed coming upstairs so he could be with us, though. We adjusted our life and our schedule so that he was not left alone too long.

He still seemed so glad to be a part of the family and he enjoyed sharing popcorn with me.

But his quality of life was gradually declining with each passing week. He became incontinent and we managed it with pooch pads and doggie diapers as many of your know that have shared this experience.

I could tell the from the look in his eyes that it was time for us to let him go and free him from his pain and bodily restrictions.

With the help of an animal communicator, she and Hendrix provided answers to the puzzle that was this special Berner.

Hendrix taught us much in the short time he was with us. We learned about another disease that affects this breed. We learned more about behavioral issues that can come from poor breeding.

But most of all, saying goodbye to Hendrix closed one door for us so that soon another door could open. That door was a Berner named Sam.

Carolyn & Don Paige

Rescue Coordinator – Blue Ridge Bernese Mt. Dog Club

Durham, NC