Paige - Sam - Durham, NC

Blue Ridge Rescue Sam

Born 11/19/2001         Rescued 1/5/2010

Berner Garde #63409

They say one door closes and another opens. And for us, losing Hendrix in November was the closing of one rescue door so that Sam could come into our lives.

Sam was surrendered after his female Berner companion passed away in November. Sam had been an outside dog since the couple divorced four or five years ago. The owner took Sam to the vet so he could get up-to-date on his shots and to get a bath before I picked him up. We discovered he was heartworm positive, but I took him anyway.

Sam is not the typical Berner that comes into rescue. The owner had a binder that was his baby book, complete with a blue ribbon from a dog show when Sam was a puppy.

That’s a first for me, a blue ribbon rescue!

So even though he is 8 years old, I thought with those credentials I would have no trouble placing him in a great home after his heartworm treatment.

My husband was very firm that after losing Hendrix we would only have our 3 dogs, no more. I agreed since it had taken an emotional toll on both of us while caring for Hendrix. Our three other dogs seemed much happier, too, and played more together without Hendrix around.

But Sam is a very handsome specimen with the personality to go with it. Although he is 8 years old he acts like he’s 2 or 3. He has a large block head and very large paws and the first thing that everyone says when they meet him is “bear”. He has the body type of a Berner puppy, just many times larger! I could tell my husband really liked Sam, but I didn’t say anything. I just let Sam work his magic.

And Sam’s story has another interesting twist. Sam came from a breeder that is very near our hometowns, over 500 miles and 5 states away from North Carolina. My husband even worked on the breeder’s family farm when he was in high school many decades ago.

So what are the chances that our paths would cross? It has to be destiny!

After several weeks we finally acknowledged that Sam was not leaving.  And so we are glad to have Sam, the Blue Ridge, blue ribbon rescue Berner join our family and we look forward to sharing many happy years with him!

Carolyn & Don Paige

Rescue Coordinator, Blue Ridge Bernese Mt. Dog Club

Durham, NC