Sibley - Bella - White Lake, MI


Berner Garde #  46132        DOB  2-18-03   Age: 7

Kathy and Bob Sibley   White Lake, Michigan

Soon after I had lost my Keeshound “Dutch” and the first time in my life that I didn’t have a dog, my neighbor stopped by to tell me about a Bernese Mountian Dog that was for sale at the local pet shop.  I told her I didn’t want anything called a “mountain dog” because they must be big.  Every few weeks she would tell me that she stopped in the pet store and that Berner puppy was still there but getting bigger all the time. I had no desire to get another dog at that time and surely wasn’t going to budge on the big dog thing. 

Several more weeks had passed when my neighbor called to say she found an ad in the paper for a 6 month old BMD – it was a rescue – was I interested.  I said no and went out for a day of shopping.  My neighbor is very persistent; she cut the ad out and came by to give it to my husband.  A few hours later, my husbands called me to tell me he made contact with the rescue group and could I come home to go visit the puppy.  I still was not going to get a big dog, but I always like to go play with pups, so I agreed to go.  Until that day, I had not seen a Bernese Mountain dog except in a picture in my dog book. 

This would be my first introduction to a Berner. We visited the foster home and saw this really cute dog.  She was adorable.  In talking to the rescue group we discovered she was the same puppy that had been in the pet shop for the past 4 months. Bella was living in that cage at the store from the age of 7 weeks to 6 months old.  Fortunately, because she was so cute, she was able to get out of the cage a lot to play with the customers, so she had no fear of people.  Actually, she had this “pick me” look down pat and we couldn’t resist her.

Bella, has never been much of a challenge.  We did have to teach her to walk up stairs, since she had never done that at the store.  We had to limit her exercise since her hips were not very strong from not having any exercise for her first 6 months.  We had to potty train her, since in the store, they just went where and when they wanted.  Then some basic manners, like no paws on the counter, stay out of the garbage, don’t tear up everything you see when your bored.  She was actually very easy to train and has just been a blessing.   I’m happy that the rescue group had got her out when they did. 

Last fall, at the age of 6, Bella completed her Drafting test and received her “Novice Draft Dog” title. Good job Bella.

Bella is our first Berner and the reason we have become Berner crazy.