Simidian - Jake - Franklin Square, NY

BARC’s Jake (the big man)

AKC reg. Tujaligeti Bela RN, CGC, TDI

Berner-Garde 21874

DOB 11/18/2000

AKC DNA V451594

At the tender age of 8 weeks Jake was sent to America from Hungary and sold into the “puppy mill system” where he spent the next 4 years of his life. He was rescued by BARC at an auction in March of 2005 and his new life began. I was lucky enough to be chosen as his “forever mom” and he came home on April 1, 2005. He was afraid of everything and everyone. When I went to pick him up where he was being fostered, he tried to hide under a table when he heard my voice. It took 8 hours to get him to come in the house from the back yard when I got him home. Although he was so terribly frightened, he was also sweet and gentle and I set about earning his trust.

Since I had another Berner, 2.5 y.o. Mallomar, he was able to look to her for reassurance when he got scared. She gave him the confidence he needed to enjoy our walks and learn about the world. When he seemed to be ready, I enrolled him in obedience classes to help build his confidence and he just loved going to those classes. Not only did he love the “work” itself, but also the ride in the car, the people and dogs he met there and of course the yummy treats. He earned his Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dogs International certifications. He also earned a Rally Novice title just before his 9th birthday.

Jake is, by far, the sweetest soul that has ever drawn a breath on this earth. I had never before adopted an adult dog and had no idea if I would bond with him the same as with a puppy. I soon found out that the bond is the same. People ask me how I was able to transform him into the friendly, happy boy he is today and my answer is: I just loved him and that has been easy to do.

Lori Simidian

Franklin Square, New York