Degen - Debby Fitch - Hancock, ME

Berner-Garde #56266

The first time I saw Degen (or “Brett” as he was called at BARC) was on the web site. I instantly felt a connection and wanted to scoop him up in my arms and take that hurt look away.

So I emailed Amy Kessler and said, “How do I get him here?”

My answer came a few short days later as I waited impatiently at the Delta cargo office in Boston. At about 9 pm, I was ushered to a crate where a small puppy sat trembling inside. I scooped him into my arms and held him close. Now it was time to work on the scared, hurt look.
Degen had had minimal human contact in his 3 1/2 months of life, so I decided to get right to work socializing him. After a day of rest from traveling, I ferried him to every store he was allowed to be in and encouraged people to pet and talk to him. Of course, the fact that he was a cuddly little puppy made it a lot easier.

At home, Lindsay became his buddy and he adjusted very quickly…..
Oops–I hear a noise in the kitchen–he must be getting into the trash again–
Cat food can in his mouth. Anyway, Degen gained weight rapidly and his dry coarse coat was replaced by soft, curly black fur. He was starting to look like a real Berner now.

Crinkle, crinkle…now what is he into?? Be right back…

Lettuce bag. I locked the trash can top down, no more interruptions.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Other than a continuing housebreaking battle (I’m trained to take him out every two hours), Degen has blossomed. He is now friendly and confident with approaching strangers, runs and plays with reckless abandon in the dog yard (and
house) and comes eagerly to me when I call him (most of the time).

I believe the fact that he was rescued at such a young age made a big difference because he acts just like a normal puppy.

He does have a peculiar habit I’ve never seen any other dog do–he barks with a tennis ball in his mouth.

Name Game: I got his name from a list of Swiss towns. We call him Degee-degee, Degen the demon, snuggle bunny, poopy boy, cuddle buns.

Debby Fitch
Hancock, ME