Smith - Millie - Albuquerque, NM


Millie is an 8 year old Berner girl, who was given to the rescue chair of the Arizona Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue. Her “parents” were divorcing and couldn’t or were not willing to keep her. She had been their pet since she was about 2 months old.

Sarah Lisinski, our Rescue Chair posted online about this girl. Walt casually mentioned it to me on Christmas Eve, 2009. We were out to dinner with our daughter and her family, enjoying the lights and excitement of the holiday. My immediate response was, “well let’s look into it”. I am not sure why I said that, but it just came out.

After several communications regarding this girl, Walt and Sarah worked out an arrangement to meet in Flagstaff, AZ on January 9, 2010. And home she came to Albuquerque, joining Kes, aged 3, and Scotty, aged 4.

When she came to us in January, she hid in the dining room; didn’t like cameras; she quivered every night next to the bed for 20 or 30 minutes. I would pat her and pat her each night for about 15 minutes to reassure her. After about 10 days, she was brave enough to go off in the bedroom and find a spot to sleep. She wasn’t too keen on Kes and Scotty, but she never snapped at or bit them.

The heartbreak is that here is a lovely Berner girl who didn’t know how to be a dog. She kept to herself, and didn’t want to go outside with the others. It was very clear to us that she hadn’t a clue as to boundaries, or rules. We are amazed at how as we write this in late February, Millie has settled in to our family. What a little consistency and boundaries can do for a dog of 8 years is just wonderful.

Millie is very affectionate, despite it being very obvious that she was neglected in her former home. She loves attention and belly rubs. We knew she was a part of our home when she calmly stepped up onto the bed and settled in; thereby displacing Kes AND Scotty. She loves to give you 5 with her big paw. Our grand kids love her, and she loves them. She is a very smart girl, and Walt is planning to take her to obedience school so she can learn a few things; maybe even a CD title.

Having a rescue dog is such a terrific way to “pay it forward” for the blessings in one’s life; especially when those blessings are named Scotty and Kes. We are so glad to have given her a new forever home with us. She is a sweetie.

Millie’s New Home is with Walter and Libby Smith in Albuquerque, NM

Her Berner-Garde number is 70457