Strawser - Maddie - Circleville, OH

My name is Maddie and I’m the happiest Berner girl in the world!

I live in Circleville, Ohio with my Mommy and Daddy and baby brother, Benson.  We do lots of fun things in Ohio!  My mom takes me to school and we practice obedience, Rally, and a little bit of agility.  At school, they call me the cheerleader because I’m always such a happy girl!  We go to dog camp in Ohio in the fall, and learn lots of new things like lure coursing and sheep herding.  Yuck — sheep are dirty animals!

My favorite thing to do is carting!  Mr. Wilczek made me a beautiful cart and a hay wagon.  Mommy says he is very talented, and he sure loves us Berners!  On the Fourth of July last year, I led all the Berners of the Buckeye Bernese Mountain Dog club in the parade with my beautiful hay wagon!  I felt like Cinderella - people were waving and cheering and even taking pictures of me!

My life wasn’t always this good.  I was born in a puppy mill and sold at an auction at a very young age.  My mom and dad agreed to foster me until I found a permanent home.  But, I batted my big brown eyes at them and wagged my tail, and we all knew that I had already found my forever home!

Every night before I go to bed I say my prayers and ask God to bless my Mommy and Daddy and Benson, and all the rescue volunteers across the country that help Berners like me find great homes.  I pray that someday there will be no more puppy mills, and wish that all Berners could enjoy a happy and healthy life just like me!

Maddie Strawser,

aka Million Dollar Baby, CGC, RN, TDI


Loved by Mommy and Daddy, Signe & Gregg Strawser, Circleville, Ohio