Thompson - Gina - Elkhorn, NE

Gina Cseploov Dvor

AKC #WP98944501

Berner-Garde #35432

Born 02/06/1999, Adopted 03/18/2006

Gina was rescued by BARC when she was almost seven years old and pregnant with what would now be her last litter of puppies.  We estimate that Gina whelped about twelve litters during her time in the mills.  Unfortunately, we know through Berner-Garde that some of Gina’s offspring and their offspring are still in puppy mills, continuing the vicious cycle that these dogs endure.

Gina’s picture and story on the BARC website were so compelling that we couldn’t resist adopting her.  She’s got a spirit that shines through and is such a loving dog; pawing and bumping us for pets when she feels we’re neglecting her. 

Gina celebrated her 11th birthday in February.  Her favorite things in life are going for car rides, chasing rabbits in the backyard, snuggling with her people and relaxing and enjoying the “good life”.

We realize how rare it is for a Berner to live to the ripe old age of eleven; especially one who spent the first seven years of her life in puppy mills.  We cherish each day with Gina and truly appreciate the gift we’ve been given in having her as a part of our family.

Watch for Gina in the Veteran’s Parade.

Karen and Steve Thompson

Elkhorn, NE