Giselle - Griffin family - Rixeyville, VA

Stacie, Tim, and Meghan Griffin
Rixeyville, VA

Giselle’s Journey
Berner-Garde #29513

Giselle was born in Locust Grove, Oklahoma on February 1st, 2004.
On April 1st, 2004, she was in the hands of the Hunte Corporation in Goodman, Missouri. On April 9th, she was in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She stayed in Virginia Beach in a crate in a pet shop until May 14th, 2004, when we purchased her.

Giselle came from a puppy mill. Her mother was just a year old when she whelped Giselle’s litter.

I found out about her from a friend who lived in that area at the time and we bought her sight unseen. Of course she was full of every known parasite, but she came home with us and has been an incredible addition to the family.

She had surgery on her knee in November of 2004 to remove the chip caused by dysplasia. She is dyplastic in both knees and has some rear problems as well. By keeping her active we hope to stave off structural problems as long as possible.

Giselle is the quintessential farm dog. She’s always along to feed the horses, walk in the woods or go down to the river. She’s never out of sight. She tried her paw at Rally-O, but it was just too hectic for her. She loves the car and goes along whenever she can.

A puppy at heart, she plays with her new sister, Mora, and her older brother Ziggy. Boris, the kitten, was raised by her and she definitely keeps Mora in line.

As she sat in Virginia Beach in a crate little did she know that her life journey was coming to a fork in the road.

My friend that discovered her, while debating the situation, heard someone say that they wanted to purchase Giselle along with her crate-mate, a male Berner. They wanted to start breeding these beautiful and expensive dogs. Their plan was to tie them to trees in the backyard because that’s where dogs belong. Virginia Beach in the summer is a long way from the Swiss Alps.

The decision was made. My friend would buy the male and Giselle would come to me. Luckily Giselle ended up on the high road.