Tomaszewski - Buscia - Cedarburg, WI

Buscia  (Boo-sha) Tomaszewski

BG # 39966

Her name means “Grandmother” in Polish… even though she is a puppy at heart, it somehow fits her.  Everyone needs a Buscia.  She came to us as a 3 year old; a short term foster.   She just wagged her way into our hearts and never left!

Buscia was rescued from a puppy mill in Northern Wisconsin, where she had several litters of puppies before she was rescued.  Thankfully, it wasn’t enough to squelch her sweet Berner temperament and innate ability to snuggle.

We had a family gathering scheduled before we knew we would have her, so the day after her arrival, she met the entire family, including four very active granddaughters.  Buscia slept near my feet through most of it; my then 4 year old granddaughter, who was (bizarrely enough) afraid of dogs, squatted down to examine what appeared to be a big black rug.  After a close examination, during which Busica opened her eyes briefly, thumped her tail a few times and went back to sleep, my granddaughter looked up at me and declared, “Grandma, this is a GOOD dog!”  She charmed everyone with her big, quiet, sweetness.

Her favorite room is the kitchen; her favorite activity, eating.   When she doesn’t have her mouth full, she’s also a great talker.  She seems to take her verbal communication quite seriously and is very earnest in her expression.  Her songs are legendary – very soulful – and she can hold a note long enough to make Barbara Streisand green with envy.  Her songs sometimes coincide with her meal schedule and it may be her way of reminding me to ‘step it up.’  Either that, or it’s her version of grace.

Seven years old now, she is gentle, kind, smart and very appreciate of every morsel of attention that comes her way.  She gives wonderful hugs, and plops her head in your lap at every opportunity.  I sometimes find myself walking around the house with Buscia between my legs, matching my steps with her own and thinking it great fun.  How can I argue?!  She makes us smile at those times when we didn’t know we had a smile in us, and reminds us, constantly, to appreciate what we have and live in the moment.  She is an old soul with many gifts and great wisdom, and we are the grateful recipients. 

Patty & Al Tomaszewski

Cedarburg, WI