Tomaszewski - Cruiser - Cedarburg, WI

Cruiser’s Story

BG # 45970

On February 6, 2004, the BARC Rescuers came home with 19 dogs from a Wheaton, Missouri auction.  We were looking for a boy, and there was lots of them from that auction, but this one in particular tugged at our heartstrings.  Amy said he had been so afraid to come out of his crate, that she actually had to tip it up to get him out.  His walk was more of a ‘hobble’ – his muscles were so poorly developed at 5 months old that one had atrophied completely.  How can you develop your puppy muscles when you’re locked in a crate all day every day?

When we picked up a week after the auction, he still smelled like a puppy – Gary and Penny Turner, his foster parents, apologized for his ‘aroma’ and explained that it sometimes takes a few weeks for that puppy mill smell to disappear. 

As soon as we got home,  he tried to escape, running as fast and frantically as his weak little legs could wobble.  It was such a desperate response – both sad, and frightening – to think he could be so terrified.  He was only 49 pounds – most of it feet.  Once inside, he shuffled to a corner, and Hugger, our first BARC girl, found him immediately and made him her little ‘charge.’ 

As I write this, we have celebrated 6 years with this character.  His sense of humor has come out, and has a very special joy at being alive.  I open my eyes in the morning and often find his face is the first thing I see – smiling at me – and so eager to start the day!  Morning snuggles are one of his favorite things; he loves running now, and there’s an obvious enjoyment at chasing leaves or squirrels…   He’s still lanky, even at 7, and tall, but he’s developed into a most beautiful creature with an impish spark. 

Watching his impatience at mealtime (Oh, the drool…!) I have a hard time remembering how much I used to worry…

Another BARC mom, Tracy Werner, told me once “I came for the dog and stayed for the people.”  We have so blessed to have this funny, gentle soul in our lives and especially grateful to the amazing people at BARC who’ve made this life possible for all the BARC pups and the people who love them.

Patty & Al Tomaszewski

Cedarburg, WI