Tomaszewski - Hugger - Cedarburg, WI


BG #45969

Our fearless, tender-hearted Alpha pup came to us in August 18, 2002.  She was about 5 months old, 50 pounds of dark curls and large, serious brown eyes.  She walked into the house like she owned the place, plunked herself down in the middle of the kitchen, crossed her paws, and that was that.  She really is one of a kind.

Hugger has a special, intuitive quality that makes her a wonderful therapy dog.  Sometimes when those brown eyes zero in on you, you swear she knows exactly what you’re thinking.

She loves children!  The smaller the person, the more Hugger seems drawn to them.  An enthusiastic participant in the Read to Rover program, she waits eagerly at the door when it’s time to go to the library.  One little boy, inexperienced with animals, was reading on the floor, hunched over.  He kept shifting, slowly, until his back was to Hugger. After a few minutes of this, Hugger sat up, leaned over and poked her nose into the back of his bare neck, blowing out and tickling him until he laughed.  She knows how to break the ice!

She loves being in the middle of things, and will actually be depressed when we come home from a specialty.  She loves new adventures.  Agility came naturally to her, although now at age 8, we try to be more ‘reserved’, but she had no fear of dog walks, or see-saws or tunnels.

When our second BARC pup, Cruiser, came to live with us, he brought a multitude of fears.  Hugger was the one who rarely left his side and now, 5 years later, is still his protector.  

She has been an amazing gift to us, broadening our horizons, and has made our life much better for having her with us.  We are SO grateful she wasn’t lost to us – trapped in a dirty crate in some puppy mill, unable to give or receive love.   She’s touched a lot of lives and made a lot of people happier just by knowing her.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Al & Patty Tomaszewski

Cedarburg, WI