Walker - Harley and Sadie - Cookeville, TN

Sadie Walker, AKC-CGC, Berner - Garde #64803

Harley Q. Walker, AKC-CGC, Berner-Garde # 59285

Owners Ken and Marty Walker, Cookeville, Tennessee

Well another year has rolled around and it is time for another show. If you have been following our Rescue Gallery you will know Sadie and I are rescue dogs.  This year we don’t want to talk about being rescued, we do thank the Walker’s and everyone else that has opened up their homes to a rescue animal. I know we might have some issue for you to deal will but with lots of TLC we usually come around.

We have a very special job with the Walker’s and we are finding that there are lots of Berners that do the very same thing that we do. We are Service Dogs. Both Ken and Marty are disabled but in different ways.

Marty has Multiple Sclerosis; if you know anyone with this illness you will understand why she needs big dogs like us. We can help her walk; Sadie had a saddle that was made just for her. When Marty isn’t stable Sadie wears this saddle so that Marty is able to go places. If Sadie sense’s that Marty is starting to fall Sadie will come over and gently lean into her and will guide her towards a wall or counter. Usually Sadie is by her side when in the house, just in case. One of us is always home with Marty.

Ken on the other hand has social phobia. I go with him everywhere to help him from having panic attacks and I am there if he has one. I keep his mind on me and not on the people around him.  We work as a team.

As a service dog Sadie and I have to be able to go into any public environment and keep our mind on our jobs keeping our masters safe and help them in anyway we can. To use a service dog you have to be legally disabled. Sadie and I wear bright colored vests with patches on them for people to see and read stating we are working service dogs and to please not pet us. The Delta Society can help you with training your own service dog or why’s of getting a service dog.

We keep in shape by going to agility class on Saturdays. Running all over the field over ramps, walkways, jumps, thru tires, tunnels and a thing they call a chute it is all fun to run and play on for the day and not have to be working.

 Thank you for reading our story and have a great show.

 Harley and Sadie Walker