Hiker, Spencer, Lola - Annette Jan - Draper, UT


Meet our beautiful Berner kids–Hiker, Spencer and Lola Jan. These wonderful fur babies live with their three humans in Utah. All three Berners are rescue dogs with different stories.


Berner-Garde #56397

Hiker, our first Berner, joined us in July 2004. We are guessing Hiker is about 7 years young this year. We found Hiker after making contact with a local BMD member, Mary Ann, who informed us that rescue was an option and that she had an adult boy that needed a home. The problem was that another family was already interested in Hiker (Cy Young at that time). We were leaving town for a vacation and Mary Ann suggested we contact her upon our return. Yeah!! When we returned, the family did not take Hiker and we were invited to meet him. We meet Hiker on July 3, 2004 and took him home. Mary Ann asked us to think about it and see if Hiker fits into our family. The minute our family laid eyes on Hiker, he was ours! What we know about Hiker is that he was located in another county’s shelter. A woman at the shelter recognized Hiker was a pure breed BMD and contacted Mary Ann. Hiker was “adopted” and brought to Mary Ann’s. The rest of Hiker’s history is with us.


Berner-Garde #56407

About a year after getting Hiker, we decided we needed another Berner. We found out that the Rocky Mountain BMD club had Spencer in Colorado. We talked with the rescue coordinator, Patti, and his foster family, Bill and Linda, and decided that he would make a perfect second Berner. In September 2005, my daughter and I raced over to Colorado Springs to pick up Spencer.

Spencer was found in Texas and brought to Colorado by the BMD club in hopes that he could be more readily adopted in Colorado. He was very underweight, had raw spots and his coat was dry and brittle. With great care from his fantastic foster family, Bill and Linda, Spencer put on weight on his scrawny 70 lb frame. He’s now almost 90 lbs and his coat is shiny and soft. He is the world’s best snuggle bug! Our sweet Spencer taught us how to “hug”–both sitting and standing. We’re guessing Spencer is around 4 years young.


Berner-Garde #56399

Well, the ratio was off with 3 humans and 2 Berners–we needed another Berner! I found the BARC website (www.barcinc.net) and started surfing daily. Since we have 2 mature (ha!) dogs, we thought a puppy would be fun. Lola joined our family in October 2006–she’s a handful! She is such a funny, energetic girl. Lola has reminded Spencer and Hiker that those toys that litter the floor can be fun! Lola makes us laugh and we are grateful to BARC for entrusted us with this precious, precocious puppy!

Lola is 21 months old and weights 63 lbs. However, don’t be fooled by her petite stature–she’s a tiger waiting to pounce!

Annette Jan
Draper, UT