White - Sadie - Chesapeake, VA


Berner-Garde # 70785

As if Tanner wasn’t enough (our Berner puppy we got in July), along with a 95-pound Golden Retriever we rescued shortly after we got Tanner, we were determined to add a female Berner to the herd.  Figured what’s the difference in having 3 dogs when you already have 2, right?  That’s when Sadie joined our family.

She was a re-homing from the same folks who got us Tanner 8 months earlier — Sloane, through the CVBMDC, and Carolyn with the Blueridge BMDC.  She came to us with more love to give us than we ever give her in return. Thankfully, joining two 4-legged brothers wasn’t a huge shock to her, since she was used to having multiple 4-legged siblings in her previous house.  That made her transition so much easier.  Sadie is truly the lady of the house.  She’s a talker – playful barks and chirps – loves to do the figure eight through your legs and has a mind of her own.  She has taken over all the dog beds in the house and gets first dibs on them; I guess the “gentlemen” of the house have learned who’s boss.

Like Tanner, Sadie was transported to us from Florida to Virginia by several unselfish people, willing to drive the long haul to get a dog in need to a new home.  She is still a little skiddish, but with all of the change, who wouldn’t be? She is experiencing a lot of things for the first time, including snow! We took her to Baltimore for a weekend visit with family, and she was greeted by several feet of snow left over from the blizzards they had up there two weeks earlier. Despite being used to the Florida sun, she took to the snow and seemed to like the strange feeling on her paws.

She has a sweet personality and disposition … as long as you’re not trying to put medicine in her ears to keep them clear. Then, she turns into a whole different animal. It’s a little like the rodeo, where you have to take the bull to the ground. She’s not mean at all, just makes it clear she wants no part of those drops. It’s a bit of a wrestling match that we only occasionally win.

Sadie has made us laugh and is waiting to greet us when we come home from a long days work.  Her wagging tail and vocals are something to look forward to each and every day.  And who would have ever thought, 8 months ago, we’d be the proud owners of not one, but two Berners (and a Golden Retriever for good measure).  


Tom & Bev White

Chesapeake, VA