White - Tanner - Chesapeake, VA


Berner-Garde # 70786

Where do we begin?  We lost our two 14-year-old dogs – both rescue dogs – in the summer of 2009 to cancer within 2 months of each other. But we’re dog people, so in no time, we had begun discovering more about the Berner breed and immediately got on the internet. We found out about the Berner rescues, filled out the proper paperwork, and the rest is history.  A history that continues to write itself one day at a time.

Thanks to Sloane, through the CVBMDC, and Carolyn with the Blueridge BMDC, we became proud owners of a 15-pound ball of fluff we named Tanner. We were amazed at the kindness of strangers (now friends) who worked to get Tanner from near Jacksonville up to where we could easily drive to Raleigh and pick him up. The whole dog relay operation is incredible to be a part of.

It took days, not weeks, for his personality to begin to immediately emerge. And it took weeks, not months, for him to demonstrate the growing power of a Berner. At 10 pounds a month, give or take, he was 95 pounds in no time. The only problem is that he got bigger before he could figure out how big he was. So, while climbing onto our lap in the chair as a 3-month old was cute, lumbering up at his new size and plopping down was another thing altogether.

If Tanner’s not sitting on your head, then he’s on his back waiting for a belly rub. And don’t even think about exercising around him. Have you ever tried doing crunches with a Berner sitting on your stomach, or push-ups with one laying his head on your back (25 pounds, we figure)?

Plants – inside or out – are no match for this guy. They seem to disappear, one leaf or branch at a time. When he was a pup, we would plop him in the laundry basket and carry him downstairs in it. As he approaches 100 pounds, he knows he can’t fit in the basket, but that doesn’t keep him from trying – or at least pulling a sock or two out of the basket as he walks it down to the laundry room. 

Tanner has made us laugh and has the best personality of any dog we’ve had.  He loves to watch “It’s Me or the Dog” and the Westminster Dog Show on the big-screen TV. He just jumps up and barks at whichever animal happens upon the screen. He has made us come to the realization that “dog hair is a condiment in our house.”  I just think of it as roughage. What else can you do?

The latest chapter in our Berner story is the arrival of No. 2 – Sadie.

Tom & Bev White

Chesapeake, VA