Jackson - Elizabeth Hedrick - Orlando, FL

Jackson Just In Time

Berner- Garde # 26077
AKC PAL # 200175

Proud mom: Elizabeth Hedrick
Orlando, Florida

Jackson came to live with me on October 29, 2005. He was one of three berners relinquished to the CVBMDC because the family could no longer keep them. He was 3 years old at the time. I chose him from the description of his temperament without having seen a photo of him. It was an added bonus to see how handsome he is.

Jackson assimilated well into his new home, and after only six months of working with me, he became a star in the pet therapy program in which I volunteer. He participates in the Pet Visitation program sponsored by the SPCA of Central Florida, is a member of the Wagging Tales reading education team and is also used as an education dog in both elementary and middle schools to teach children the importance of responsible pet care. He also serves as a representative of the volunteer programs at special fund raising and community events hosted by the SPCA. He has been honored for all of his work and dedication with a ceramic tile permanently placed in the shelter’s kennel hallway.

When not working, Jackson relaxes in his special napping spot in the living room, plays with his Bouncy Bone, his very most favorite toy, plays with his doggie brother, Charlie the rescue Chinese Crested, and keeps a watchful eye on my 83 year old mom who lives with us. He also very astutely lets me know when the neighbors are coming home or when the backyard wildlife critters are near our house.

I can’t say enough about this beautiful boy. After several disappointing attempts to adopt a rescue berner, I was almost sure that no opportunities were ever going to work out for me. Patience eventually was rewarded when this wonder boy found me! I could not have gotten a better dog even if I had chosen him as a pup! Not one day goes by without me realizing how lucky I am to have him with me.