Dedication to Patti Johnson

Patti Johnson –- 12/21/1958 to 12/1/2010

Patti entered her Berners – Eddie, Dani, and Dolly - in the Rescue Gallery several times.  In 2010, she shared that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer and that her dogs were now rescuing her.

She was able to come to her first specialty last year in Wisconsin.  I was privileged to bump into her and her sister at the Rescue Gallery display.  What an honor it was.  She shared that she had postponed her chemo treatment so she would be well enough to attend.

She was so frail that I was afraid to hug her, yet she was determined to be there.  She got to meet in person several old friends.  She got to see the excitement of a national Bernese specialty.

She fought hard and courageously.  She had a very positive attitude.  She was thankful for the support of her friends and family.  She worked with her Berners and even went to a draft workshop in August.

Unfortunately on Dec 1, 2010, Patti’s fight came to an end.

I didn’t know her well.  I have learned that Rescue was her passion.  She transported and fostered rescues.  She was very careful in the placement of dogs in their forever homes and stayed in touch with the new families.

The Berner family has lost a good friend.  I wish I had known her better.

Her family requested memorial donations to BMDCA-Rescue in her name.

This year’s Rescue Gallery is dedicated to Patti Johnson’s memory.

Nell Ward
Rescue Gallery chair


From left -

Berner-Garde: 40158
DOB:  6/12/06
Adopted: 9/23/06

Berner-Garde: 22600
DOB: 2/9/02
Adopted: 8/08

Berner-Garde: 41399
DOB: 4/27/06
Adopted: 1/11/07