Berg - Emma - Fallbrook, CA

Berg - Emma – Fallbrook, CA
Miss Emma’s BARC, CGC
BG #20520

Emma was rescued in Missouri by B.A.R.C, Inc. in April 2002 and came to her Forever Home on Memorial Day weekend (May 30) 2002 when she was 5 months old.  She was full of joy, so happy to be free.  She grabbed her leash and proceeded to walk herself.  Long walks are Emma’s favorite.  Food is a favorite of hers too (such a chow hound).  She turned 9 years old in January 2011.  Emma earned her CGC in the summer of 2004, much to the surprise of her obedience class instructors!  (Emma was ‘class clown’ at most of  her classes in obedience I & II).  We introduced drafting to Emma when she was 4 years old,  but after BMDCSC members observed a distinct limp in her right front shoulder and left hind, her drafting competition ended before it even began.  We continued to teach her how to pull her cart, but purely for recreational purposes.  She LOVED it and would get excited whenever we brought out her cart & harness!
In May 2009 Emma was diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis and underwent unilateral tie-back surgery, developed aspiration pneumonia and spent 10 days in ICU!  She has recovered and with lots of on-going canine rehabilitation, acupuncture and moderate exercise is relatively ‘normal.’
When she looks into your eyes it is as if she can see into the depths of your soul, she is our ‘Heart Dog.’  We believe she can read our minds and absolutely understands most everything we tell her.  Sometimes we just have to think about doing something and she is right on top of it.  Emma is the kindest, sweetest, most beautiful and smartest girl ever.  We just adore her.
Georgiana & Patrick Berg