Baran - Gypsy and JB - Phoenix, AZ

Gypsy Girl  Berner-Garde #59127
Jolly Boy (JB)  Berner-Garde #59128

My husband Bill and I adopted Gypsy through the Grand Canyon State Bernese Mountain Dog Club rescue when she was 3 years old and had lived in 4 homes. Not a very good record.

When the rescue coordinator from the club told me about Gypsy she suggested we take her on a trial basis. Gypsy was described as anxious (on meds), clingy, afraid of men, and always loudly panting. Not much was known of her beginnings but along the way she had been debarked.

Bill and I had never had a Berner but we were willing to try with Gypsy. It only took a few minutes for her to adjust to her new home and me. Bill was patient and in a less than a week Gypsy decided he was her new dad. She never needed anti-anxiety meds again.

Gypsy is now 9 years old and enjoying her life in Phoenix. She likes traveling in our van to the Midwest in the summer and she attends all Grand Canyon State Bernese Mountain Dog Club events. She even participated in the Veterans’ Parade at the BMDCA National Specialty in Wisconsin this year.

Adopting Gypsy was such a great experience she now shares her home with her “little” 135 pound Berner brother, JB (also a rescue).

Submitted by Lesley Baran, Member of Grand Canyon State Bernese Mountain Dog Club and Director of Arizona Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue.