Bartizek - Bumper - Lebanon, OH

Rescue Berner - ‘Bumper’ (BG#66519), Lebanon, Ohio, USA

Bumper, named for a large hygroma on his elbow, came to us out of the blue one day as a foster puppy. I received an email asking if we could pick up a puppy and hold him until a foster home could be arranged. Bumper’s time was short and he needed immediate pick up. He was living in an Ohio Petland since 8 weeks of age and due to his increasing age, size and medical problems requiring vet care, the store owner had arranged to ship him back to his ‘breeder’ in Missouri and cut his losses. Bumper had an employee on his side, which contacted a local rescue one night and was able to get Bumper out of that puppymill life sentence as a sire, ahead of him.

At 5 months of age and under 30lbs, he was skinny, had tennis ball fuzz fur, a leathery tongue and his colour was more brown than black. He was calm and endearing. At 5 months, he fit perfectly into our girl’s collar she wore at almost 8 weeks old.

We noticed as time went on that Bumper had more problems than first expected. We decided to keep Bumper and foster him until he was healthier before adopting him out. Bumper required ’round the clock care for his many problems. He couldn’t gain weight, frequently lost weight and had many food sensitivities. After months of sleepless nights and vet bills, worrying if Bumper would be able to pull through another day at times, we decided Bumper would stay with us for the remainder of his time on Earth. We had grown very protective of him and his condition and felt it was best.

Over the next 8 months, Bumper started to accept a new food and finally put on weight. His eyes brightened, his coat grew, and he was lively. Bumper’s first year was one of isolation, illness and thankfully love and change. He is a fantastic addition to our home and truly is a dog that appreciates all of the little things in life. Fresh cut grass, chasing butterflies, and taking a dip in the local lake are his favourite things to do. Many who met Bumper just the day after we picked him up think he looks spectacular now, and he has done so well, given his rough antisocial beginning. We continue to work with Bumper’s fears, stomach issues, polydipsia, and bladder / kidney problems, but have come to know life no other way. He will be our eternal puppy, in spirit and in appearance. Bumper is now a fit 91lbs, and is a completely handsome goofball. He is a natural swimmer and canine comedian around any body of water, no matter how small.

He has been in our home nearly 2 years and he has been a great friend to our other berner, Mouse (BG#63657). He will always be affectionately known to us as ‘Mister B’, Bumper Stumper, and of course ‘Muffin Man’. Give Bumper a minute, he will steal your heart.

-Natalie & Brian Bartizek
c/o berners Mouse & Bumper
Bumper DOB 1/09/09
Rescued 05/16/09
‘Failed foster’ Officially Adopted 08/16/09