Brainard-Phillips — Reecee - Madison, OH

B/G #71320
PAL # 251900

Reecee spent the first 3.5 years with a couple that didn’t have time for her.

She started her life with Heart PDA (Patent Ductus Artiosis) surgery at 8 weeks of Age. Had a litter of pups before the age of 1 year. (all pups died) The sire unknown.

Then the couple had children so she was tied in the backyard, for the next couple of Years. She was given to Vilma’s Third Tyme Rescue and was placed with Sally and I.

When we first adopted her she weighed 54 pounds, We got her in March and
Went to the National’s in Wisconsin in May with her…She did very good with the ride, did very good in the room, the only problem was she came into heat as we were nearing the hotel…. We had come prepared, not knowing when her last heat was.

But as the week wore on we decided it was for our benefit and the males in our Hotel that we leave early…..   She was spade after consultation with our Vet and a cardiologist, because of the Heart murmur.

She has completed 2 courses of obedience, as the class clown. On recalls she comes part way stops does twirls in the air then comes and sits right in front . Just Like that is part of the recall. She is eager to learn and please, and will do anything for food.

When we first got her she did this thing with her mouth like she was talking to us. But only when we told her NO or tried to play with “her” toys.

The best thing is in the morning she likes to cuddle on the sofa with us. She looks Into our eyes and her mouth starts moving (no sound). But now we know she is saying I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.

We aren’t at this year’s National because of moving to a new home. But Reecee Will be there next year. So if you see a little girl doing twirlies or just talking away stop and say Hello.

Reecee is doing very well and we are thrilled to have her in our lives. She has
Become the sweetheart of our family.   She makes us laugh everyday…..

Betsy Brainard  Sally Phillips   B/G # 6676