Caldwell - Hagar - Lawrence, KS

BARC’s Hagar (Storming the Castle)
Owned by Liz Caldwell, Lawrence, KS
BG # 65942

This picture tells you everything you need to know about Hagar. He’s athletic, determined, exuberant, and wears a permanent smile. And he loves his fruit!

I knew that no dog would ever replace my beloved Sophia, but I was not prepared for just how far he has stretched the education she provided. He’s stubbornly independent but if he doesn’t get regular hip-scratching sessions, he’s such a sad little boy. He doesn’t want to be needy, but God forbid I should walk out of his sight!

He is a challenge and an opportunity, mixed together with a lot of spice and a little bit of vinegar, baked up into a sweet and tart mischievous little boy. We keep trying to find the right job for him, but so far his favorite is stripping the fruit trees.

I look forward to sharing the decade with that cheeky smile.