Dixon - Buster - Methuen, MA

BARC’s I’m Bustin’ Outta There, CGC aka Buster
Birthdate: January 19, 2002
Resides in Methuen, MA
Berner-Garde 23689

Meet Buster, our handsome BARC boy! He turned NINE this year!!! Also know as Bubble Butt, Silly Willy, Bunkin’ Bronco, Silly Head and Buddy..

Buster was the first BARC dog to belong to the Nashoba Valley Club of New England. He arrived on April 7, 2002 and went to his first Berner Fun Match later that month – what a hit he was!

Since then he has brought us countless hours of enjoyment and laughs. His laid-back style was such a difference from our bossy Berner girl, Gretchen. From day one, he realized that she was the boss and he was very content with that relationship.

Buster was the “buckin’ bronco” Berner boy – always a bounce in his step. He was so excited about everything – doing his twisty, bouncing dance over the tiniest of treats. His rambunctious nature made us skeptical about Buster entering Obedience training but did he shine. And then to the surprise of us all – he passed his CGC at the 2005 National Specialty in Gettysburg – how proud we were!!

That moment was only to be surpassed a day later when Buster took part in the illustrious BARC Team Obedience performance. Along with Halley, Misha, Brodie and Jesse, Buster trained for what turned out to be such an emotional performance – not a dry eye around as they “performed” (I use that term loosely as we had some hiccups..) to the song – “Rescue Me” . He surpassed our wildest dreams of his accomplishments.

When Gretchen died unexpectedly, we all went into mourning. Having Buster around was the only thing that got us through those dark days. After becoming the only dog in the house however, after a few months we did see a change in him and he developed a deeper sense of confidence in himself.

Now Buster is the big brother to our new addition, Sophie. Sophie (now 5) is again the boss over Buster but she looks up to him if she senses any danger and promptly sits so her butt is under his hip. Like a true big brother, he wards off the imminent danger (like the guys picking up the weekly trash) with Sophie glued to his side.

He is the light of our lives and we are forever grateful to those early BARC supporters for rescuing Buster and sending him to us.

As Buster grows older we treasure each day, he is an old wise soul with eyes that will melt any of your problems away…a hug with Buster is true therapy.

Ray and Peggy Dixon
Methuen, MA
BARC’s I’m Bustin’ Outta There, CGC, Buster
Olympian’s May the FORCE Be With You, Sophie