Dominy - Buck - Plano, IL

Buck – Berner-Garde # 77692

Three Farm Dogs find their Homes - A Rescue Success Story
Laurie Boyle - Rescue Chair

In late July 2008 we learned about three Berners living on a farm just south of Springfield, Illinois. There were two males, Buck and Duke, litter mates, who were approximately 15 months old and still intact.  The third, a female named Katy, came to them from another farmer.  She was between two and three years old and intact.  They had been outside dogs, they’re not housebroken, or leash trained.

Michele Dominy

I was lucky enough to go along with Laurie on the trip and took Buck home as my first foster dog.  The first item on the agenda when we got home was a bath. After the bath I took him inside and put him on the screen porch in a crate surrounded by an x-pen. I wanted my Berner girls to see him, Heidi 8.5 and Faith 5 at the time.  Everything went fine, no growling, all tail wags.

After we got the final results from the vet’s office I started letting them interact a bit more each day until I was able to let them play together with Buck on leash. I was lucky with my first foster. As they began to play together Buck took a real liking to Faith.  They two of them ran and played and rolled over each other, it was great to see.  Heidi (the Princess) never really had time to play with Faith.  I was hooked and called Laurie to let her know that Buck was at his forever home.  Not a very good foster Mom if you keep them all.

I did have one problem, Buck was afraid of people.  He would bark and run away from anyone that came to the house.  He would slowly stick his head out after awhile, but not come out.  This has been the hardest thing to work through.  I took him to puppy class, he was okay the first day, but would not get out of the car after that.  I decided to work with him at home and socialize him elsewhere. He has gone to club meetings, family parties and the park.

He is now the sweetest, best behaved boy. He is still shy of new people, but good with family and friends. He even went to Pet Smart, shy but loving.  He loves to run.  He does laps around the 2 acre yard chasing and being chased by Faith until she tires of it then he continues alone.

He and my gray cat Boots have become best of friends.  Boots walks on him and they clean each others ears. He gets down on his elbows with butt in air and talks to me. He is so funny and happy.

He has been a wonderful addition to the family.  I have since fostered 3 other boys and been able to let them go to new homes.

Michele Dominy
Plano, IL