Dowler-Roos - Tapper - Anchorage, AK

UCD URO-1 Allsgold Sable at Kodiak Alaska CD BN RE NDD CGC TDI
Berner Garde# 24745, AKC DNA# V417723

Better known as “Tapper” or “The BIG Dog”.

Since the Rescue Gallery’s inception in 2006, we have been honored to have had Tapper participate and want to thank the committee for their committed effort to focus on rescued Berners.

For those not familiar with his story, he was a Christmas puppy gone wrong. Homed with a busy young family in Kodiak, Alaska; that could not keep up with the mental and physical needs of their growing puppy. Out of sheer frustration the family chained him in their yard and rarely let him enter their home. Thankfully, when he was nine months old, the family contacted the BMDCofAK Rescue Chair and asked that he be taken. It was claimed that he was “uncontrollable”, and the family could not handle him any longer. If our local club had not had a rescue program in place, he would have been destined for the local animal shelter or a premature demise.

Since he didn’t know his name we renamed him “Tapper” (which stands for Throw Away Puppy). When Tapper joined our home simple things like a doorbell were foreign to him and he didn’t know how to play with a toy. He was essentially an eight week old puppy trapped within a ninety pound body.

Fast forward seven years… Tapper has matured into a beautiful, intelligent Berner who loves to work. He has completed rally, obedience and draft titles including becoming the first Berner in Alaska to hold both a UKC and AKC Companion Dog title. Tapper is an active therapy dog visiting with homebound senior citizens, having earned both his CGC and TDI at previous National Specialties.

Tapper remains active in the ring.  In June, Tapper added a Best Veteran in Sweepstakes to his list of accomplishments while being shown at the BMDCofAK Regional Specialty. Then in August, Tapper completed the new AKC obedience title, Beginner Novice, becoming the first Berner to attain this title and then three weeks later, Tapper earned his Novice Draft Dog on our tenth attempt. We have been fortunate to have great friends and mentors who saw Tapper’s potential and never let us give up on our dream of Tapper earning a draft title.

When not “working” Tapper enjoys going for hikes in the woods, swims in our local glacier fed waters, playing with his “sister” Bell and his most favorite activity of all - creating Berner Snow Angels.

We are grateful EVERYDAY to have Tapper as a member of our family. Tapper makes us smile and laugh daily.  He is our first Berner, our heart dog; he has taught us so much about humility, patience and most importantly about unconditional love.

We are forever grateful to Ruth and Randy Johnson (now of Roy, WA) who served as Rescue Chairs of the BMDCofAK and facilitated Tapper’s rescue and chose us to be his forever family.

Randal Lee Dowler & Carrie Ann Roos ~ Anchorage, Alaska