Jake - Lori Simidian - Franklin Square, NY

BARC’s Jake (the big man)
AKC reg. Tujaligeti Bela CGC, TDI   Berner-Garde #21874
AKC DNA# V451594

My dream of owning a Berner came true in Jan. of 2003 when we got Mallomar as a 9 week old puppy from Tari Hafner.  Tari referred to her affectionately as “the bad girl” and she certainly lived up to that. She is quite a character. As she matured it became obvious that adding another puppy to the family would be a mistake – I know my limitations! I still wanted another Berner. One day there was a thread on the Berner-l about a dog named Jake pictured with Vilma on the BARC website. Martha Hoverson’s son wanted to know if it was a really tiny lady or a gigantic Berner. That piqued my interest enough to check out the picture for myself. Well, I felt like I’d been struck by a lightening bolt when I set eyes on Jake.  Something told me he was mine! I mentioned to my husband, Gary, that there was a dog for adoption and I wanted him to see the picture, fully expecting him to tell me I was out of my mind. Instead he asked me if we could get him. You see, three years earlier Gary’s only brother had passed away after a 6 month battle with pulmonary disease made more complicated by mental illness. His name was Jake. Gary said “we couldn’t save my brother but we certainly can save this Jake.” Within a couple of days we were approved by Amy Kessler and were making arrangements to pick Jake up from Stephanie Finkbiner who had been fostering him in Pennsylvania.

On April 1, 2005 Jake came home. Mallomar was gracious and welcoming, much to my relief. Jake was afraid of everything and everyone. It took us 8 hours to get him in the house from the backyard that first day.  But through it all you could see what a sweet, gentle soul was behind all that fear. The poor boy had been sent to the US from Hungary as an 8 week old puppy and was sold from one puppy mill to another for 4 _ years until BARC rescued him from an auction. He was skinny at 113 lbs., his coat was so dry it was crunchy, and he had an infected nail on his back foot that soon came out (bleeding like crazy requiring a trip to the emergency vet for pain meds and bandaging).

Today, Jake is a different dog. He is 125 lbs., has a gorgeous coat (thanks to meds for his hypothyroid), and is extremely friendly to everyone he meets. He has earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certification and passed the TDI test at last year’s specialty. Jake is the sweetest dog in the world and if you don’t believe me, just ask anyone who has ever met him. Please look for us here at the Specialty – you can’t miss him – he has the biggest feet you’ve ever seen and a very happy tail.

Lori Simidian
Franklin Square, NY