Ezell - Teddy - Beech Mountain, NC

Berner-Garde 77611

We first heard of Teddy on Sept. 9, 2010.  Our friend and fellow member of BRBMDC, Tracie, called me and told me she was contacted by our clubs rescue coordinator and was hoping I could help her in physically rescuing two BMD’s running loose in the mountains of North Carolina. Their owner had left the country and wasn’t coming back. My husband and I immediately met Tracie. Armed with an address and some yummy treats we were off to find the Berners. We found the house and the female, Inga, came out of the brush and was very easy to rescue.  Our boy, Teddy, was another matter.  He was very frightened and would stay about ten feet away from us at all times.  As luck would have it, he eventually cornered himself on a porch, and we were able to rescue him.

For my husband it was love at first sight.  He felt such compassion for the frightened, sweet boy.

We officially adopted him Oct 11, 2010, and have given him that date for his birthday.  We are unable locate any records for Teddy, but we believe that he is about five years old.  What we do know, is that he was born in a puppy mill in Europe and flown over to the states about three years ago by the woman who ended up abandoning him.  Though he has many fears, it was instantly evident that he is a sweet and loving soul.  All Teddy needed was a forever home in which he could flourish and feel happiness, and he does!

Teddy has bonded with our other Berners, Sookie and Sumo.  He loves to find sticks out in the yard and chew them or play tug-o-war with his new pack mates. It seems evident that he has very positive history with snow. He does the signature Berner hop and twist, followed by a taking in a big mouthful of snow, all with a big grin on his face, every time he is in it.  He has even taught our other Berners to eat the snow!

Just in the past month Teddy has begun to come out of his shell.  When guests come to the door, he will curiously follow the other dogs, with his tail wagging, to see who has come to visit. When Teddy first came to us, it was difficult to get him to eat.  He often would not touch his food for a day or so and would also refuse to take any treats from anyone’s hand. All that has changed!  He now licks his bowl clean and wags his tail with pride, happy that he is able to finish his food. He is also now eager to receive treats along with his pack mates, instead of cowering in the corner. Teddy certainly has come a long way and we feel blessed to be apart of his journey to happiness.

Jill and Boyce Ezell
Beech Mountain, NC