Grijalva - Jasmine - Naperville, IL

Grijalva- JasmineJasmine came into our lives on June 22, 2008…little did we realize then that our lives would never be the same.

Jasmine has grown so much over the last year. She has no problem pushing her way to get an ear rub or butt scratch and will make several “drive-bys” for more. Jasmine greets us each morning with kisses and a paw or two to the face just in case we might have over slept.

She has been a great role model to our fosters this past year. She has taught them the ropes on how to be a happy dog. She also taught them that people are good and that we love them very much.

At times we still see a little of the frighten Jasmine that came into our lives that June day. But each day we are seeing less of the girl that lived 2 ½ years in a puppy mill and more of the girl that loves life is cherished by her family.

Jasmine’s highlight this year was being the cover girl and Miss January in the BARC 2011 calendar.

We follow a saying in our home, “We saved a dog and it didn’t change the world but the world surely changed for that one dog”; and our world has surely changed since Jasmine came into our lives.

We are forever grateful to BARC and the wonderful people that give of themselves to help rescue these special pups.

Manny and Patti Grijalva
Boomer and BARC’s Jasmine (Berner- Garde #59334)
Naperville, IL