Grinstead - Lucky - Mt. Juliet, TN

Lucky, rescue
Berner-Garde 77606

Our beloved Mikey passed from our lives on December 11, 2010.  We were stunned.

What we didn’t know is that angels were hovering, carrying Mikey’s spirit not only with us, but to other wonderful folks in the Berner world.

This past Sunday, we got an email asking if we would be interested in a five year old Berner.  Of course, we replied, YES!

Angels, knitted together a network of people who got our beautiful 120#  baby, LUCKY, from a local animal shelter, to a caring foster Mom.

We visited the foster Mom but wanted to make sure our tentative new guy would get along with our almost 14 year old Great Pyr/Shepherd mix, Lolita.
Karen the sweet foster Mom drove Lucky up to visit us the next day.

Lucky walked into our house, our lives and our hearts all in one opening of the door.

Angels opened the door in to our lives and now we have a beautiful complete family with Lucky.

How wonderful that Mikey’s spirit lives on in our lives.  We are the LUCKY ones.

Janie and Rick Grinstead
Lucky and Lolita
Mt. Juliet, TN