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Ashflat Princess Graci
Graci Kennedy
We are honored to pay tribute to Patti Johnson this year. Patti was the person who united Graci, a puppy mill rescue with us. We had the privilege of knowing Patti for two wonderful years and in that time we grew a strong bond and friendship.
Patti was instrumental in Graci becoming a member of our family. She spent hours on the phone with me discussing berners available for adoption. She was passionate about me making the right choice and determined that each dog be placed not just in any home but a forever home.  She was completely honest about their demeanor and temperament. She wanted the potential family to know as much as possible about each dog to ensure a perfect match.  Patti was passionate about where each dog was placed and she kept in touch with each family to ensure they were supported during each transition. I admired Patti for this work and for her dedication.
Patti, Michelle (Graci’s foster mom) and I kept in touch after we adopted Graci. Patti was always sharing stories about Dani, Dolly and Eddie-her three berners (all rescues) and we were constantly emailing pictures of our kids. We would beam at our dog’s accomplishments and laugh at the various trials and tribulations we faced.
A real highlight for all of us was at last year’s Specialty, in Oconomowoc, where Patti, her sister Carla, Michelle and her two little girls all came to watch Graci and I in Rally. Patti also gave us one of her beautiful garden stones. It is our constant reminder of Patti and her love for rescue.
Patti also transported dogs to their forever homes all over the country. She would pick up a dog from the foster family in the morning, consoling them as they said good bye, and at the end of day share in the joy of the dog being untied with its forever family. What a wonderful gift she had to do this work and to share such love with everyone she touched.
Patti, you made a difference! We were blessed to have been touched by you and your gifts.
With Love and Gratitude.
Lori and Graci
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