Maxim - Fritz - Calgary, Alberta

Fritz April 12, 2009 – December 30, 2010

Fritz was born in a Missouri puppy mill and was kept in a small wire crate until he was rescued at 4 months.  He wasn’t allowed to see daylight, to play on the ground or even visit with other puppies, he had to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom in this same cage day after day.  When the rescue people came he was so happy to see them that he barked and barked at them.

I taught him how to cuddle and he loved to sit for hours in my arms and later on the floor beside my chair.   He would watch over me all night long and sometimes in the morning he would crawl into bed with me and get snuggled in between my other berners and me.   He went to birthday parties and one day he had his own party and invited all his berner friends – Fritz was one year old.  He worked really hard on his rally training and manners.  He passed his CGN test with flying colours and got one leg towards his rally title.

Fritz loved life.  He was strong willed, stubborn as a mule, independent and loving.  He started life under the worst of conditions and he had the strength to survive.  This strength sometimes caused him problems but nothing we weren’t will to work with.  He was happiest when he was with me and enjoyed our long walks together.  He worked hard to overcome his fears and was loved by all that knew him for his spunk and caring.   He will be most remembered for is attention to the litter of pups born this past spring.  He would sit by the box for hours, leaning over the box and allowing the pups to play with his face, washing them and teaching them how to play.  The mother felt totally confident in turning her newborns over to him, something we people were not sure of at first but she knew.

I can only wish him peace and joy over the rainbow bridge and I wish him to know that we all loved him so much and miss him dearly.   I thank BARC daily for the time I had with him.

Barc’s Happy to be Free Fritz CGN
Berner Garde # 66966

Adeline Maxim
Calgary, Alberta