Meyers - Bromley - Steenwijk, Netherlands

Bromley lived, from ages 6 to 10 months, in a “boarding kennel farm” which was not what it should have been. He slept in his own pee in a barn, witnessed guard dogs beaten to make them more vicious (the dogs that were meant to keep *him* in his pen), drank out of moldy buckets and had to share his one meal a day with his “fellow boarders”. He had no toys, no kind human contact, no love.
It will come as no surprise then that he was afraid of nearly everything, save (fortunately for all of us) other friendly dogs and a girl who spoke English instead of the Dutch which he had come to dread by association.
All this happened to a Berner pup who had initially been bought with a pedigree from a breeder who worked with some of the best and originally cost quite a sum. It is still hard for us to believe. What is even sadder, perhaps, is that Bromley landed in a terrible place not by any malice from anyone who had owned him before, but mostly just out of pure ignorance.
I’ll never forget the first moment I clapped eyes on Bromley. He ran as far away as possible to crouch in a corner of his pen, pee flying behind him and legs shaking. Only when everyone left us two alone together could I get near him. And what a love bug.
He wanted to trust someone so badly and he made a huge leap of faith (literally) at me within seconds. It was what would later become known as the famous Bromley crash dive into your legs. He never once stopped pressing himself against me with all his might, not even on the 2 hour car ride home, and that was just fine by me.
When he met Misha and saw his new house, the deal was sealed. Bromley knew he would be happy and put on a brave face, doing his best to adjust and trust his new world. Well, actually…within ten seconds he was flying around the entire backyard, grabbing all of Misha’s toys and squeaking them as he bounced about. I think it was his victory dance.
There was a myriad of fears for us all to help Bromley overcome, and some have taken much longer than others. The two strongest-going to new places, and meeting new people-have only almost entirely diminished in the last year. It is so wonderful to see him not walk in Misha’s shadow and hide from encounters. Nowadays he’s walking up to total strangers on our outings asking for attention, something he’d never dream of having done in earlier times. Bromley’s true personality–bold, fearless, fun loving, adventuresome, carefree, incredibly joyful–can now beautifully shine.
And we all love him so very much.
All you need is love.
Post Script:  Bromley is now raising a puppy, Stockard.  Stockard joined the family in November 2011. Bromley is his bestest buddy and favorite chew toy.
Jaime Meyers & Wouter de Haas
Steenwijk, Netherlands
Berner-Garde 59973