Jessie - Patty Wellinger - Aurora, CO

Rescue Me Baby RN (Jessie)

Berner-Garde number - 45042
ILP number - 158013

Jessie came into my life in March 2007. She is a six year old rescue dog from BARC (Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition). Before being acquired by BARC, Jessie spent her whole life in a puppy mill as a breeder.

For the first few months she was quite shy. She was mellow at home, but everything outside was new and scary. Sometimes we could only use the back door or take a walk in a particular direction because something had frightened her and she refused to go the other way. If we saw other people or dogs those first few weeks, she would either freeze or refuse to walk in that direction or would race back to the safety of the house.

After a few weeks of bonding we started a basic obedience class. In that first class it would take me 20-30 minutes (and a lot of hotdogs and encouragement) to convince Jessie that it was safe to even go in the building. We did a little loose leash walking, but mostly just worked on building up her confidence and social skills.

It was frustrating, but we kept working and I took her to a lot of different places to get her used to new environments. We took the class again a few months later and ended up as the best team there! Now when we leave home she races to the car, strolls happily into class and has a great time.

While some things are still a little scary for her, she is a much more self-confident, happy dog. In the past year, Jessie has passed the Canine Good Citizen and earned a rally novice title from the AKC.

Through Jessie, I have made new friends and joined into the wonderful, crazy world of dog training. Berner hugs and love have helped me get through a difficult year that included recovery from major surgery and the deaths of my mother and grandmother.

I am so proud of all of the progress she has made and grateful for the difference she has made in my life. Thank you BARC!

Patty Wellinger
Aurora, CO