Lana & Seta - Susie Todd - Ligonier, PA

Seta & Lana:
Spent Brood Bitches Rescued from Commercial Volume Breeder
Rescued by Susie Todd. Foxley Farm, Ligonier PA

Within days of each other, her husband and beloved Bernese Mountain Dog had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  For octoganarian, Susie Todd, it was indeed a sad time at Foxley Farm. Susie, an entrepreneur, artist and accomplished horsewoman, had understandably lost her enthusiasm for life and her friend, Helen Davidson, was not accepting it.  Helen also knew Susie well enough to know exactly what would bring her out of this state — offering a home to an older Bernese Mountain Dog in need.

After a talk with Susie, Helen contacted local Berner educator, Nancy Melone, asking if there were any older Bernese Mountain Dogs that needed a good home.  At the time there were none in the area, but Nancy said she would keep Susie in mind. Within a week, Nancy called Susie and Helen to say that she was driving to Arkansas to rescue two matron Bernese, dumped by a commercial volume breeder. The dogs were no longer able to produce litter after litter so they were abandoned at a local small-breed shelter. Nancy told Susie that she would need to choose which Berner girl she wanted.

Throughout her life, Susie has been a force with which to reckon.  There is no sign that she has changed.  Her response was swift and decisive, “Why, we cannot separate those two girls.  They have been through enough.  I will adopt them both.”  And she did.

Today, Seta and Lana (Susie renamed Ruslana “Lana” after Lana Turner) have lived at Foxley Farm for over a year.  Susie, who uses oxygen to breathe, bought herself a golf cart to  be able to “walk” along with her girls. The employees at the firm located on Foxley Farm dote over the girls, too. Helen and Nancy serve as surrogate Godmothers to Seta and Lana.  What a life these girls have now!

Life is good at Foxley Farm.  Susie rescued Seta and Lana and the girls rescued Susie.  It’s a love story — to be sure.

Berner-Garde numbers
Lana — 29812
Seta — 29811