Paige - Izzy - Durham, NC

Berner Garde #77254

Izzy is a rescue from the Blue Ridge club and is a good example of many of the reasons Berners are surrendered. Her first family bought her from a puppy mill in the South. They kept her for two years but weren’t able to housebreak her, and she developed a bad knee, so they put her up for adoption.

Her second family was a military family and the wife adopted Izzy while her husband was deployed overseas. She wanted a Berner and found Izzy on the internet. Izzy continued to have problems with housebreaking and when the husband returned, he didn’t want to keep the dog so luckily she called rescue.

Izzy was about 3 years old when we took her in, and she isn’t the prettiest Berner. Her eyes are set too far apart and her second eyelids show. She has a rounded back, probably due to her knee condition. She is fearful of new people. But she has the sweetest personality. There was something special about Izzy.

I thought it would be a simple task to housebreak her. She didn’t test positive for a UTI, but we gave her a round of antibiotics to be sure. The problem cleared up for a while. Then it reappeared, but tests showed negative again. So I tried some behavior modification. Izzy did not have good experiences with crates in her past. We tried for a short while, but since she was an adult and I was home during the day, I decided we could accomplish this without a crate.

Izzy’s knee condition also bothered me and any potential adopter would want to know what the issue was, so x-rays determined she has a luxating patella. The vet did not recommend surgery because her femur is cracked, too, probably from a previous injury. We put her on pain meds, but this did not change her personality or activity level. She continued to run and play and takes breaks when she needs to. She is more active than our other Berners and she is just a happy girl.

During the next six months, I continued to search for a home for Izzy and she continued to have accidents. Finally, my husband’s patience was wearing thin and he strongly requested that I find another foster home or preferably a permanent home for Izzy. At that time a couple of qualified adopters appeared, one was a vet who had just said goodbye to her Berner. I thought everything was falling into place for Izzy.

One day, out of the blue, my husband declared that we were keeping Izzy. She got along with our males, we are home for her during the day and she is a very sweet dog. We had dealt with incontinence before, we could do it again.

And from that day forward, Izzy has not had one single accident in the house and she will live with us forever!

Carolyn & Don Paige
Durham, North Carolina