Sibley - Bella - White Lake, MI

Bella Donna Sibley RN, CGC, NDD, TDI
Berner Garde #46132  DOB 2-18-03  Age: 8

Bella spent the first 6 month of her life behind glass on display in at the pet store prior to a local rescue group getting her out and putting her in foster.  She was the first Bernese Mountain Dog we ever met and the first that we ever owned. She has the very best personality, just as sweet as can be and loves everyone.

When Bella was 4, while at the Monroe Dog show, she passed the Canine Good Citizens Test. That gave us the confidence to work toward a Draft title.  We went to several draft clinics, practiced pulling her cart around the yard, studied the rule book and viewed some draft videos.  Finally at 6 years old she received her Novice Draft Dog Title.  Soon after that she managed to pass the temperament testing for certification for Therapy Dog  - (Bella loves hanging out with the elderly.)  Last year at age 7, at our first National Specialty, Bella received her Rally Novice title.  Now at 8 years old, she told me she’d like to try for an obedience title.  Bella is like a fine wine, she gets better with age.

Bella is a very special girl. She is so very loyal and gives us unconditional love.  She means the world to us.   Bella is the reason we have become Berner crazy.

Kathy and Bob Sibley
White Lake, MI