Sibley - Bently - White Lake, MI

Berner Garde # 46160      DOB 1-10-04   Age: 7

By the time Bently was 7 months old he had traveled with 15 other Berners  (12 pups and 3 adults) all in crates in a very large a truck from Oklahoma (the local puppy mill) to Missouri , (to experience the SouthWest Auction block).  BARC was there that day but could only afford to get a few of the Berners out.  They focused on the two breeder girls, and as many female pups as their funding would afford.  This left 8 pups (mostly males) A berner breeder from Kentucky had heard of the auction but got there late.  The left over 8 pups were too sick for the other puppy millers to want to mess with and too old for the pet shops to purchase so a deal was made for all  8 puppies.  Onward he would travel again, this time to Kentucky . The breeder soon placed her dogs on the internet to get rid of them - perhaps she too, had thoughts of using them for breeding, but realized the sick pups were too sick for her,  (I now have learned that you should not shop the internet for a puppy, but in this case is was meant to be).  When the image of a very tall, and very thin male BMD with a blue collar appeared I knew he was the one.  My husband drove 8 hours to Western Kentucky to pick Bently up to bring him back to Michigan where he has found his forever home.

He was so scared of everything; he hid in the corner shaking. People were his biggest fear. He hated the crate, and did not want to go back in it.  (Perhaps he thought he was going to have to travel again)   He was sick with severe upper respiratory infection and stomach upsets and it took over a month of antibiotics to get him better.  He was about 30 pounds underweight and was too scared to eat.   He soon became my mission, my baby, my heart.  I fed him by hand for months; it’s the only way he would eat.  Soon he became strong and healthy and very tall.

Bently is a very sweet and loving boy.  He is my Velcro dog.  He is still a bit shy and timid around people but we are building his confidence every day. Two years ago, Bently and I began competing in Rally obedience. He as earned his Rally Novice, Rally Advance and Rally Excellent titles.  He has taught me what it means to “work as a team” – he knows really read me.

Recently Bently turned 7 years old. God has now blessed us with sharing our home with three veteran Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Kathy and Bob Sibley
White Lake, Michigan